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Battered by Dollar, shattered by Sensex, trader speculates on his future

14, Sep 2013 By Mishtik Journo

Somewhere in India: Padmnabh Singh Ghose is an amazed, perplexed, dumbfounded and stunned man in addition to being bankrupt.

After having quit betting on Cricket matches, being convinced that  they are all fixed and so there is no point in speculating on their outcome; he had turned his focus to games between bulls and bears.

Shifting focus to elections might be a good idea.
Shifting focus to elections might be a good idea.

“I could cope with a team recovering from being 23 for 6 to a total of 546 for 8 declared but this is atrocious”, he lamented on the dollar move from 54 to 69 and back to 63 in a jiffy.

“It’s like an amateur diver jumping from 10 meter board with three involuntary somersaults and two forced spins landing into the water flat on his belly” he said, an expert swimmer who entered share market after learning an eternal mantra from the gurus that ‘trend is your best friend’. “By the time you identify a bullish trend to go long, the market falls with the gravity of Jupiter and when you see a bearish trend the market goes up in a frenzy like there is no tomorrow”, he added ruefully.

“The Sensex fell today by 620 points as GDP growth is expected to fall to 2%; investors are advised to stay away “, screamed the newsreader on the business news channel last Thursday. The very next day, HumBhee Bolega – the expert on the same channel commented,”Index breaks out with a 732 points up-move with new RBI governor taking over, corporate earning are now likely to grow at 22 %; investors sitting out have missed the bus”

“The long and short of it all is that you always have debit in your bank account and that there are no options for your future”, commented a retail investor from ‘The Laal Street’ where everyone sees red in his personal balance sheet.

“In Cricket at least you can make out from the playing XI whether the match is fixed or not but here the players are sitting behind a online trading screen”, commented Hardam Ulta another seasoned campaigner. “The government should legalize casinos, they are safer than these markets. At least you have some cards in your hands”

“Shifting focus to elections might be a good idea. Rahul having a fixed match with Modi is a far cry but you never know”, wondered a worried Ghose seeing conspiracy theory behind everything.  “Soon a time will come when odds in favour of sun rising from the east on a particular day could be like 2 in favour and 1 against”.