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Bajaj to launch a new brand of auto-rickshaw named 'Kejriwal Autos'

09, Jan 2014 By Pritam Thakur

Auto-rickshaw in Delhi
Auto-rickshaw in Delhi.

Bajaj Automobiles announced their plan to manufacture a new brand of autos that will be called Kejriwal Autos. 

The announcement came soon after Mr. Kejriwal’s legendary decision to withdraw Delhi Police’s power to fine the auto drivers in case they refuse to take passengers. The Chief Minister believes that this will help in reducing bribing of police officials and hence corruption.

The revolutionary vehicle will contain a sensor that gets activated as soon as a policeman approaches it. At that moment a video-recorder inside the meter will be automatically switched on to see if the policeman asks for bribe.

This anti-corruption technology has been applauded by the Aam Aadmi party and Auto Rickshaw Unions but Mr.Kejriwal had certain apprehensions regarding the use of his name. “Let the people of auto drivers themselves decide whether the name of the vehicle should be Kejriwal Auto or not.”

All the registered auto drivers in Delhi were asked to send their SMSes to a given toll-free number with either Yes or No. The counting process is still going on. An Opinion Poll Survey conducted by The Faking News predicts the percentage of ‘Yes’ voters to be 100%.