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Baba Ramdev to launch Ayurvedic Maggi

06, Jun 2015 By navjit

Haridwar: After the fake news of nationwide suspected Ban on Maggi, Patananjali Yog has announced to launch an ayurvedic variant of Maggi-like noodles. These noodles will be known as “Seedhi sev“.

Leaked pictures of soon-to-be-launched refurbished-Maggie (Seedhe Sev).
Leaked picture of soon-to-be-launched refurbished-Maggie (Seedhe Sev).

This product will be launched by its brand ambassador- most loved messenger of God (MSG) himself, Baba Ramadev himself told our correspondent, Prakritik Aapda. “Our Seedhi Sev, contrary to Maggi will not have any MSG content, but it will have Aashirwaad of MSG (Messenger of God) himself ,” he added.

This Maggi…err… I mean Seedhi Sev, will help in reducing the Rapes across the nation#. Our famous Khap Panchayat of Dagru samaj welcomes the launch of this product and has asked their Saamaajik Ku-Karyakartas to buy loads of this Seedhi Sev.

The Brand Ambassador of this great product, MSG said that he is composing a new song- “Seedhe Sev, Seedhe Kaam, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram” for the upcoming noodles. He claimed that this noodle will surely replace the previously trending Maggi. 50 Million followers* of MSG have already booked 300 million packets of Seedhe Sev, even before it is launched.

Artist's impression of Seedhe Sev (New noodles by Patanjali Yog Peeth)
Artist’s impression of Seedhe Sev (New noodles by Patanjali Yog Peeth)

Branding for this revolutionary product is still in pipeline. As soon as Seedhe Sev package is released, our correspondent Prakritik Aapda is promised to get the first batch.

For the launch we will have to wait till MSG-2, as Seedhe Sev and MSG-2 will be launched together.

# Khap Panchayats have blamed Chowmein consumption as a reason for rape earlier (Google it to believe it)

* 50 million followers- as claimed by the FBI (Federal Babas’ Institute).