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Baba Ramdev enters telecom segment with "Pantanjali Mobiles"

02, Dec 2015 By alien4dec

Mumbai: From Ayurvedic medicines to food products, India’s favorite Baba Ramdev has it all under his brand “Patanjali” and now eyeing to challenge the Telecom sector giants like Apple and Samsung by launching his own mobile.

“Patanjali Mobile” phones were launched at a ceremony held in Mumbai with celebrity guests 3G Idea Guy and 4G Airtel Girl. Five variants of the mobile phones, which come with a special personalized service, are priced between Rs 500 to Rs 5000.

Speaking to Faking News, Baba Ramdev said, I’ve been part of this project since inception and we are here to make it large and be different with a vision of “Be Indian, Buy Indian”.

Baba Ramdev using Patanjali Mobile.
Baba Ramdev using Patanjali Mobile.

The variants include Patanjali Gerua, Patanjali Pink, Patanjali Blue Patanjali Youngistan and Patanjali Eternal.

The unique selling point of Patanjali Mobiles is free one year subscription of ‘Baba-Assist’, feature exclusively available to Patanjali smartphone users. It’s a 24×7 personalized call center service which will support the users with best deals on Patanjali products along with free home delivery . The services are currently available through a phone call in two languages, Sanskrit and Hindi to promote swadeshi movement.

Gerua is the official caller tune of all the mobiles and dedicated to Baba Ramdev’s fashion sagacity – the world famous Gerua robe.

All mobiles have alarm clock with pre-installed cocks for wakeup call along with free daily morning SMS from Baba Ramdev Quotes. These mobiles also have distinct feature with a subscription fees of Rs.50 monthly for a Live Snap Chat with Baba Ramdev.

Patanjali Gerua Mobile is the official mobile of BJP, Shiv Sena and RSS due to their Saffron fondness. According to Kejriwal, special discounts are given to the users from these categories due to political pressures along with free talk time during elections. Only AAP members were blacklisted from this segment so, Kejriwal has declared to go on an Anshan on 1st Jan’2016, at Ramlila ground.

Selfies are women’s weakness and in order to cater the Indian women, Patanjali Pink Mobile has been installed with “Selfie Mirrors” so as to assist them in makeups before taking selfies. It also has a pre-installed photo funia app with a feature of “Selfie with Baba Ramdev”. Rakhi Sawant said that she wants to be the first woman to use this app and post her photo with Baba Ramdev on her Facebook page. Many overweight women are looking forward to purchase this phone which has exceptional app on Yoga lessons with confirmed weight loss up to 25 Kg.

Meanwhile, many males have gone viral on social media stating, they are awaiting for Sunny Leone’s “Tann Ki Baat” videos solely on Patanjali Blue Mobiles.

It also has an unique Do not disturb (DND) app installed which says, “User not reachable” when wife is calling and “I Love You Baby” when Girl friend is calling.

Patanjali Youngistan Mobile is majorly packed with Gurukul features for students along with Indian games app such as, Kanchein, Gilli Danda, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho and Dahi Handi. Whereas Patanjali Eternal Mobile is dedicated to the “Mothers of India”, which has apps on Bhajans, cookery, grocery and gossips. Maa Ka Aashirwad app is only installed in this mobile for e-blessings to their kin during exams.

This is not the end of the story, the best attribute of all the Patanjali Mobile is, it comes with “Triplet SIM” and triple plans : My Plan, My Family Plan and My Infidelity Plan.