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B-School decides to conduct classes in night to boost attendance

08, Aug 2014 By Sumit Kumar

Bhubaneswar: Failing in its repeated attempt to increase attendance rate in classrooms, JIMB , the premier B-School of Odisha (which also conducts the BIGGEST event of eastern India), has decided to hold classes in night.

Though this is not unheard of, this is the first time a B-school has decided to hold all classes in night.

When contacted, administration said this decision will increase the standard of education and this decision was taken after many research and considerations. He further told the reporter that it was his idea to conduct classes in night though he goes to sleep at 8 in the night.

When prodded further to know the real motive behind this unusual decision Father revealed that few days back he was woken up by loud noise. Shocked by the violation of the guidelines of no loudspeakers after 10 pm he reached the spot from where this sound was coming from.

“What I saw was beyond my comprehension. Boys and girls, my children, were gyrating to the tunes of tamanche pe disco and sadi ke fall sa. Though it was raining everyone seemed to enjoy it. The place was bursting with energy. And remember it was 2 AM in the morning. Any person other than me would have become angry and slapped fine of Rs.5000 which we have done many times in the past. But this time I got a brilliant idea,” father Tall said.

B-School students bunking classes.
B-School students bunking classes.

“I decided why not to channel this energy of youth to something useful, more productive like classes. We have been getting complaints from our faculty members that most of the students in class are sleepy and seeing them sleep they also want to go back to their bed. This has affected the quality of education in our esteemed institution,” he added.

When asked if he faced any difficulty in getting his plan approved by the board of directors, he said that the proposal was put after a lot of research.

“A research committee consisting of faculties of SRM, QRM, MR, AMDA, OB and other research subjects was formed to find cost benefit ratio of the decision. For primary research they spent many sleepless nights observing the behaviour of students in night. Faculties were surprised that the very students who didn’t open their eyes in the class were found doing X-Walk and playing TT and other sports enthusiastically. They have also gathered photographic evidence of bursting night life of campus.”

Our reporter also contacted one professor of the research committee to know more about it.

“See we did both primary and secondary research and the nominal and ordinal variables were critically analysed using SPSS and other tools. Interrelation, multicollinearity, beta and heteroscedasticity (and some other thing which our reporter could not understand) values were found and then we came to this conclusion that our apriory reasoning was false,” the professor explained.

Professor Maaane also showed the Xerox copy of registers of both day and night mess. It clearly showed that only 10% of the students took breakfast while about every student ordered food, from maggi to mughlai chicken paratha, in the night mess.

Sticking to unbiased reporting and high journalistic standards our reporter also talked to many student of the institute.

Most of the students seem to be happy with the decision.

“In class all I do is sleep. It’s a win-win situation for me. I will sleep in the AC in classroom and then in my room during day,” one Mr.Vohra said. There was some voice of protest too. “This is completely unjustifiable that holding classes in night will boost the academic standard of the college. We hardly pay attention to what is being taught. But we do a lot of important reproductive productive activities during night. MBA is not about classes. Real learning is outside the classroom and in the hostel room. I think it’s a conspiracy to curb our reproductive productive activities,” said another student Raj on the condition of anonymity.

Our reporter also met another student popularly called as Bittu bhaiya who was completely against this decision.

“I have never remained awake after midnight all my life. And suddenly they tell me to attend classes in night. Moreover I have to read 5 chapters of Shivpuran daily in the morning after taking bath in gangajal.”

While most of the students are OK with the decision given a counter of night mess is opened in the academic block and they are allowed to attend classes in their pyjamas. “They are comfortable to sleep in you know,” added Ms. Lipsa.

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