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Auntie who told Rahul Yadav to not drop out from IIT feeling vindicated

06, Jul 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

He was warned by self proclaimed well wishers
He was warned by self proclaimed well wishers

New Delhi: In the aftermath of Rahul Yadav being asked to quit from, the firm that he founded in 2012, his fifty year old auntie called Satvinder Bir Singh Bhalla today said, “I told him so.” Ms. Bhalla spoke to Faking News from her Kirti Nagar residence.

“When Rahul’s tauji told his mausaji that he was quitting, our family driver came to know as our family driver and Rahul’s mausaji’s driver are friends,” Ms. Bhalla said. “I immediately picked up the phone and called Rahul’s father, telling him what a big mistake this was. Everyone in India is dying to get into IIT and here is Rahul who is getting out.”

Ab dekho jee,” she continued. “Had Rahul completed his degree, uski naukri kahin bhi lag jaatee… Infosys-Shinfosys, TCS-SheCS, jee. And now he is on the road, without a job.”

“That’s why I have told Manpreet and Gurpreet to not look up to their Rahul bhaiyya,” she concluded. “Even if you are Rahul, you can either be Rahul Dravid or… Rahul Gandhi.”