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Arvind Kejriwal ties up with Flipkart to sell mufflers online

03, Nov 2014 By Golden Tooth

Delhi: With winters approaching in India, the Aam Adami Party(AAP)  Convener Arvind Kejriwal is set to give a gift to the nation, the Kejriwal Muffler.

” Ye muffler bhaot garmi deti hai ji”

The iconic Kejriwal muffler was brought to the national scene by Arvind Kejriwal (or vice versa) during Anna Hazare’s Lok Pal Bill movement. The Kejriwal muffler is considered very warm by many which once helped Arvind endure several cold nights in streets of Delhi.

The mufflers however, are widely believed by people to be the reason behind his frequent coughing. But recent scientific studies suggest that the muffler may not be the reason behind his frequent coughing, and are by and large safe for public use. Arvind has exclusively tied with Flipkart to sell the mufflers. The mufflers would be available in several variants. Faking News obtained exclusive information about the mufflers:

Classical: These mufflers would be the exact replica of what Arvind  wore during the Anna Hazare movement. The mufflers have strong fabric and are reportedly even fire resistant, which would make them suitable for use by the working class or lower middle class. The Aam Mufflers are priced at a modest Rs. 49.

Modern: These mufflers have been designed keeping in mind the taste of the young generation. The masterpieces were designed by Arvind  himself during his brief hiatus from national politics after the Lok Sabha elections. The mufflers are expected to strike chord with the upper middle class. These mufflers for the bourgeois are priced at a range starting from Rs 490.

Artistic: These mufflers are for the rich class. The mufflers would have “zari” work done on them by iconic designers Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra. Also, some lucky people will get signatures of AAP founders embroidered on them. These artistic mufflers are priced at a range starting from  pricey 14949 rupees .

Antiques: These are exclusive set of mufflers which has been worn by Arvind himself over the years. The sale of these artifacts would allow antique lovers to grab a piece of history. Our sources say the price of these artifacts may well run in lakhs of rupees, with international buyers from China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Vietnam showing a special interest. The buyers need not to worry about possible throat infection wearing these as these mufflers have been thoroughly treated with disinfectants before being put for auctioning.

Arvind Kejriwal has already started his election advertising campaign with a tag line Muffler Fir se! (Mufflers Again!).

Talking to Faking News, Sachin Bansal, himself sporting a Kejriwal Muffler said, “A customer need to pre-book the mufflers, and would have to try his luck in purchasing the limited stock of mufflers on a later date. I believe we may run out of stock even faster than Xiaomi mobiles. Only a few lucky people may finally get.”

If sources are to be believed, the revenue generated from the first sale would be utilized by AAP to set up an emergency party fund  to counter any future “catastrophic en masse” forfeiture of deposits of AAP contestants, similar to the one in the recent Lok Sabha election.