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Arindham Chaudhury to rename IIPM as Indian Institute of Ponytail Management

29, Sep 2014 By Prasanna Narayanan

After being restrained by the Delhi High court from describing courses conducted by it as ‘MBA, BBA, Management Course, Management School, Business School or B-School’, IIPM Dean Arindham Chaudhury has come up yet again with an innovative solution to offer courses. They have planned to rename the institute as Indian Institute of Ponytail Management and offer its students courses on hair dressing and tress management.

Arindam Hair
Dare to think beyond normal hair

On discussing with Mr Chaudhury, he claimed that there is a great demand among Indian males who dream of growing their own luxurious tresses and show it off proudly. But there is insufficient skill set in the market to cater to the needs of the growing student community. Hence, IIPM will devote its entire focus to fulfil the void in the market place.

“Ponytail Management is not all about letting your hair grow. It requires a long term vision and strategies to develop and display. You see, my goldilocks looks have not been created in a single day. It has taken years and years of patience, perseverance and lots of oil and various hair products to give it is present look. Also, if you look at all popular figures, everyone sports a ponytail. Having a ponytail is akin to being successful. Hence IIPM has decided to launch its own brand of institutes to empower every youth to sport their own ponytails,” explained Mr Hairkirat Singh, an alleged expert and visiting faculty at IIPM.

Sources tell Faking news that, under the new programme, they planned to invite leading experts like Singer Hariharan, Khal Drogo, among many others. In the meantime, Arindham Chaudhury has already approached leading survey organizations and provided them with the placement details for the yet to be enrolled students to recognize their achievement and rank them as the best in the industry.