Friday, 23rd February, 2018

Arindam's Block Request backfires, IIPM official site gets blocked

19, Feb 2013 By bwoyblunder

Arindam Chaudhuri, had recently asked the DoT  to block 70+ links from various websites, which contained False Information about IIPM. Today. The self proclaimed Management Diva went ahead and told DoT to use their discretion and Block EACH and EVERY site, which in their opinion, contains False Information about IIPM.

This move eventually backfired and DoT was compelled to block IIPM’s main official website too.

Arindam was reportedly fuming at this. He was so upset that he did not even oil his Ponytail and forgot to wear matching clothes. He stormed into the DoT office to demand an explanation as to why his own official site was blocked.

The DoT in its response, showed him the 5 different falsehoods, being promoted on his website, which have been marked with Green Arrows on a screenshot:

(click on the image below to see a larger and sharper view)

Rumors about IIPM on the IIPM’s website