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Apple's exam series after Bihar Board Exam Cheating: iCopy

30, Mar 2015 By wsyh

Apple launches special next gen products under the name – The Exam series -products that are designed specifically to cater to the needs of exam going students. The three products in the series that are hitting the market include iPen, iScale and iSpects. The products are considered to be the brain child of Apple’s top researcher Mr.Jobless Steve. Mr.Jobless is very excited to see his products making it to the shops.

Apple's Presentation for new launch
Apple’s Presentation of new launch: iCopy

Mr.Jobless says that the idea hit him when he was seeing the news about a state in India, where parents and relatives of the kids attending the exam, are climbing up the building without any climbing gear or safety equipment to pass on slips to their kids. “It was a very disturbing image to me. I was very moved by the sight and was very upset about the fact that people are taking so much risk to make their kids get through the exams. As a scientist, I thought I could make a difference in their lives. I wanted to be able to make these people sit at the comfort of their homes or work places and still help their kids in passing the exams. That’s the true inspiration for these products we see right now”, says Mr.Jobless.

Speaking at the launch of the products, CEO of Apple, Mr.Tim Cook explained about the products. Mr.Cook said, “When Jobless explained the concept to me I thought – holy s**t, why didn’t we think of this before? – I mean the problem was staring right at our face and we didn’t notice it all along. We all went through school and college, and wished that it would be easy to get the answers during exams not relying on the invigilator. And now we have the technology to make this difficulty disappear”, followed by a loud cheer from the crowd present.

The products are basically very simple in design. For example, iScale, looks just like a simple standard 15cm ruler but has a built in scanner that scans the paper when it is used to swipe across the question paper. Once the paper is scanned, we have an inbuilt app – iSlips – that sends the file to a pre-saved phone number belonging to your parents or relatives or friends. The parents in return can send in the answers to the kid’s iScale which displays the answer. The same is the way in which the other products iPen and iSpects work. Any product can be used based on the kids convenience. When asked about the price range, Mr.Cook replied “We are Apple. We don’t sell cheap stuff. The products may range from $500 – $800. Its definitely worth it. Moreover, we want our kids to feel free to choose from different options, not just limited to one type of product. We are also customising the products for few extra bucks (just $300), so that iPens and iScales look much more normal so that no invigilator suspects them. Forget iWatch and other shitty stuff we make, the Exam series products are going to be the next iPods and iPhones for Apple sales.”

Mr.Cook is busy making his next move already. A visibly excited Cook says, “We understand a lot of kids are not in a position to send the questions to the people who know the answers. Most cases their friends are writing exams along with them or their parents may not be knowing the answer or not able to find answer in time from textbooks. To help such kids, we are going to develop a iCopy team. Kids can upload the paper on to Apple servers through iSlips app. We are going to develop a round the clock team of smart guys whose sole job is to reply to the questions in real time. Of course, we are going to charge a bomb for this service as well. The Exam series products and its services are first of the kind offered by any tech company. This is going to shut up all the critics who say Apple is no longer an innovator.”