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Apple sues Samsung employees for copying visual features from iPhones

20, Sep 2012 By tushar92

Just a few weeks into winning a $1bn patent lawsuit, Apple has sued Samsung and its employees once again claiming that many employees of the South Korean phone manufacturer have copied their facial looks from the iPhone series.

When approached regarding this matter, the Apple spokesperson had this to say, “One of the most notable features that distinguish the iPhones from other smartphones is that you can’t distinguish one iPhone from another iPhone in the first place. You can see how blatantly Samsung has copied this feature from the iPhones by hiring employees who look almost similar.”

Industry experts are saying that Apple’s recent claims are somewhat credible owing to the fact that the recently released iPhone 5 had only a few notable features that weren’t already available in its predecessor.

Samsung has reacted strongly to this move, slamming Apple for being racially insensitive and by describing the American company as “The Mamata Banerjee of lawsuits”.

Apple, however, remains unperturbed from Samsung’s response and has gone even further to say that one can’t even distinguish the Samsung CEO from a regular Samsung engineer from Korea and that it’s a clear infringement of Apple’s patented practice of making similar products again and again and again and once again.

India’s very own expert on every single thing that happens on the face of the earth, Mahesh Bhatt, was unavailable for expert comments on this case.