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Apple sues all mobile manufacturers for using display screens in their smartphones

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In current turn of events Apple Inc. has decided to sue all the mobile manufacturers for using displays in their mobile devices, after successfully grabbing more than $1bn in patent suit filed against Samsung the company feels confident that only they are the original inventors of the displays and the other companies using them in their handsets is illegal and condemnable.

‘Few days back Apple and Microsoft owned company Rockstar Bidco filed series of lawsuits against Asustech, HTC, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Pantech and ZTE for infringement over 14 patents it holds, that time i thought why dont we file a law suit against mobile companies using displays in their handsets as i believe apple was the first one to use displays and also hold patents for the same’, said Apple’s spokes person Jacob Petents. ‘Our IPR and Patents team is looking into the list of patents we hold, and we think we also hold patents for the bluetooth and camera enabled devices, once we get confirmation from the team for the same we will file suit against the companies using cameras and bluetooth in their handsets’, he further added.

Reaction over Apple’s future strategies caused panic among other mobile manufaturers who are baffled over the news. Samsung has decided to roll new series of smart phones without screen displays, bluetooth and camera and will continue with the production till the patent issues settles down. It is expected that other companies may also follow this trend, some may venture into other business sectors as well giving Apple the complete monopoly over the smartphone world.