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An IIT dropout set to compete with Apple, announces his company

07, Jul 2014 By lordh

Bangalore : After his breakup with his 1st year CSE girlfriend and inspired heavily from the ‘college dropout’ memes on Facebook, Stevendra Dhandawala, an IIT ******* ECE undergrad has taken a bold step by being the first Indian college dropout to announce his own company, Tarbooz Inc.

His dream has always been to change that last panel in that meme and his parents have always been supportive on this motive of his.

Abki Baar Party karenge News (ABP News) interviewed his dad about his son’s bold step and all he said was that each time his son managed to have a backlog in a subject, he never let his son’s morale down. Instead, he would always say to his son, “Ye le 100 rupaye! Ja, aur hum dono ke liye sutta kharid ke la! Jee le zindagi mere laal, kyunki Jeena ECE (isi) ka naam hai!“.

Stevendra, more popularly known as Steve by his room mates, has dared to dream beyond IITs and IIMs and even IIPMs (nothing personal Arindam) and his sheer hard work, dedication and determination has made him achieve that dream of his, opening a hardware & software firm that will not only compete with Apple, but also come for campus recruitment to hire top-notch ECE students (he did mention his soft corner for the ECE undergrads in one of his many interviews).

He says, “Being an ECE undergrad from IIT, I know how much the candidate doesn’t know about Electronics (chuckles saying “Communication toh baad ki baat hai”). So that makes us set our expectation levels also easily. QED”. On enquiring about how he’s planning to take over the ‘i’ business without even clearing his backlog in the 2nd year course of Marketing Strategies (BM – 251), all he had to say was, “See, that’s the spirit & courage of a dropout!”

His company, Tarbooz Inc., is all set to set the Indian market and Apple Inc., on fire by releasing its first advertisement, which we’re showing deliberately to our viewers just to gain some cheap publicity. Let’s see whether Stevendra lives up to his name!