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America decides to intervene after Sajid Khan releases another movie

20, Jun 2014 By Anil Sharma

Washington: After successfully stopping the bloodshed in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Iraq, the USA is now planning to help the Indians as well in their popular “intervening” way.

According to the White House, President Obama is having to intervene into a situation that has just arisen with India as famous film-maker Sajid Khan released another movie titled “Humshakals” today.

“Yes, we can”

A spokesperson for the White House, identified as Kris Myass stated that Barack Obama  decided to send troops to India after few Indians wrote him a letter telling him about the horrendous situation their countrymen are facing because of  Sajid Khan & family.

“Mr. President also watched some of Sajid’s movies as well and he is more than certain that this evil movie-maker must be toppled right away for the sake of world sanity. He has promised that the US will do anything needed to get this task done,” Kris told Faking News.

“After watching the movies we’ve realized that these movie-weapons manufactured by Sajid Khan are far more dreadful than nuclear or chemical weapons. We’ve decided to put the step forward as Indian government is doing nothing to amend the deteriorating circumstances,” Kris further added.

According to a report submitted by the specialize doctors who watched the movies with Obama, watching these movies can lead people to mental illness, permanent insanity and many other psychiatric disorders.

“Some serious actions are required as Sajid and his family members are not willing to stop at all. They’ve already infected all the producers who are investing in their  (Sajid & family) ideas. We don’t want insane Indians roaming all over the planet, do we?” senior doctor Tom Sick asked.

According to sources the american troops will be wandering around Sajid Khan’s house in Mumbai  and will keep an eye on him.

“We’re determined to stop Sajid Khan from committing further crimes against the humanity. We will make sure to stop him from coming out of his house and we will keep a close watch on him to make sure that he doesn’t get to shoot people any more,” a troop told Faking News.

Our reporter also tried to talk to the President Obama himself but “Yes we can” was all he said when out reporter asked him “How can you send troops to a country just like that?”

On the other hand Sajid Khan’s sister Farah Khan came out to support his brother.

“They might stop Sajid but they can’t stop us all. Even if they abduct Sajid, me, Sirish, Ramu, Sanjay Bhansali and Karan Johar will make sure that Sajid is not missed by the people of the nation,” Farah said.

Meanwhile Sajid Khan didn’t react on it as he was busy laughing after a pedestrian slipped on a banana pill right in-front of him.