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Ambanis and Adanis consult bankruptcy lawyers

25, Apr 2014 By none

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has been successful in one of his unstated goals. He might have managed to push pro-BJP economic powerhouses like Ambanis and Adanis to possible bankruptcy, as per anonymous sources of Faking News.

The source close to both the powerhouses on the condition of anonymity told our correspondent that the houses are consulting bankruptcy lawyers due to a strange, yet substantial financial threat looming on the horizon. The source also clarified that there is sufficient liquidity with both the houses to run their operations for generations, yet there is a twist of luck that may jeopardize the fortunes.

Arvind Kejriwal
AAP celebrating the development

Readers of FN have observed that suspicion of being an Ambani/Adani agent  by the AAP chief is closely related to the reciprocated suspicion on AAP, its intentions, capabilities or Mr.Kejriwal himself. Mr. Kejriwal has suspected entire industries being agents of either of these two houses.

Such accusations from other sources won’t bother “MYOB” houses. However, the root cause of worry of these houses lies in the extreme authenticity and respect Mr. Kejriwal commands on the heart of Indians. The louder Mr. Kejriwal accused people of being an agent, the more authentic it sounded. A lot of people have misconstrued suspicions by Mr. Kejriwal as a guarantee that if one supports BJP or put AAP supporters in hard spots, one may turn into an Ambani/Adani agent. This, combined with groundswell support for Mr. Narendra Modi as prime minister, which automatically qualified huge masses, has created a lot of “Ambani/Adani Agent Aspirant” population.

To make the matter worse, the prospect of being paid by Ambani/Adani has created more people joining the suspected behavior. The more people joined the louder and more trustworthy the attack became from Mr. Kejriwal. The louder and more trustworthy Mr. Kejriwal sounded, the more people got hope for money. This has created a bubble of sorts in favor of Modi. In parlance of engineering, such a situation is called a positive feedback cycle. Such cycles in economy invariably end with a crash with innocent victims.

By now around 578,623,235 Indians have been accused as corrupt and paid agents as a back of envelope estimate by Mr. Kejriwal. This number is already bigger than combined manpower employed by central, state and local governments of India. Poor houses are afraid of public interest litigation that may arise by dejected youth for non-payment, led by dejected but highly combative non-elected AAP leaders.

This explains the hidden panic in the houses – just in case!