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Amazon Go decides not to open their stores in India

08, Dec 2016 By vinciminci

In a rather startling revelation by the Chief Executive Officer of, he declared that Amazon has no plans to open AmazonGo stores in India.

The 'queuing' Indians
The ‘queuing’ Indians

“People in India have started enjoying queuing up for anything and everything. Post Demonization, Indians have inculcated the habit of standing up for the nation, especially in queues”, the CEO said on condition of strictly keeping it off the record.

AmazonGo seems to be a promising concept in the Americas and other parts of the world. People in India though have not welcomed the move as it is conceived as a “very comfortable and convenient” shopping experience, which they don’t want to get used to.

Though, a survey by FN has established that 80 percent of the participants confirmed they would surely love to visit the store only if there’s a line on front of the store. We are still awaiting official statement from Amazon for their views on the same.