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Amazon crashes its own website to prove that it's better than Flipkart

07, Oct 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. Due to the latest news about Flipkart’s website getting crashed due to the innumerable amount of hits, amazon employees have taken matters into their own hands and crashed their own servers to prove that they are also getting many customers.

“We had a pretty rough day yesterday with the news about Flipkart’s news about the ‘Big Billion’ so we had to work overtime to compete against them,” said one of amazon’s employee, “We had devised many strategies to overcome them at their own game. The crash thing they have announced is just their way of saying ‘Hey we get lots of customers too!'”

E-Commerce wars!

Amazon employees had already considered that Flipkart will crash today after their initial crash during Xiaomi’s sale so they had prepared for an amazon crash already.

“Crash was actually our Plan C. We have already created fake IDs to log in with, pasted URLs all over the Internet with screaming headlines such as ‘OMG! AMAZING CLEAVAGES!’ so that people would click it instantly,” said one of the website management team’s employee “Ultimately we had the power switch to our website here so we just make 0 to 1 and the site goes down due to ‘heavy traffic.'”

After hearing this news, many customers have complained that it got closed while they were doing transactions which has caused them disappointment.

“I cannot believe these websites crashed!” said Gopal, an ardent online customer who uses both Amazon and Flipkart equally, “I am trying to log in from the morning to buy a Colgate toothpaste but I was not able to do it at all. My friend was about to pay to buy a ball point pen when the site crashed. How can we survive when our daily needs are unable to reach us?”

Due to both of the sites crashing at the same time, people were actually found buying items in shops outside.

“This seems very new,” said Arthika who was a lifetime member of Amazon on her first time shopping outside the Internet, “There are no discounts but still the prices seem pretty low,”

Due to the websites crashing on a crucial day, netizens have dubbed the day as “aaj recycle bin” contrary to the “aaj acche din” popularized by the current government. We are yet to see the next steps taken by the online giants on their next course of action.