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Air pollution smoked "Lead" into Maggi samples: Nestle

12, Jun 2015 By Dr. Yashwant

In a deliberate attempt to save the reputation of Maggi as most trusted brand, Nestle officials claimed that it was actually air pollution containing harmful “Lead” which got smoked into Maggi samples during their transportation from one lab to another.

They want an investigation of Indian Postal Services for how the Lead was smoked into the samples. In a press release Nestle officials claimed that the quality of Maggi Noodles is same in India as they are delivering in Switzerland but the air quality in Switzerland is too good to get any type of smoke inside the sample.

Clean chit from internal Lokpal of Nestle?

They also pointed out that India is the largest consumer of face-washes and fairness creams to counter the air pollution symptoms on single boys and girls. During Diwali times, the air quality decreases exponentially and therefore the samples collected during the festival time were found with extra lead.

When Faking News approached Meteorological Department for confirmation of concerns raised by Nestle India, the Director said that it was unfortunate that Nestle is making such claims.

He said, “Indians are contributing more towards cleaning air when compared to Switzerland. In india more than 1.25 billion people with 2.5 billion lungs are constantly breathing and cleaning air. This is more than 200 times as compared to Switzerland.”

According to him, it is also not possible for smoke to get inside the Maggie samples and converting into MSG. Instead, he proposed a new theory where he claimed that Nestle added Lead to Maggi to mimic the flavor of Lead pencils which are chewed by kids as a Kids habit.