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After telcos target WhatsApp, Taxi associations ask Mumbai local to compensate their loss

08, Aug 2014 By navi60

Mumbai: As the news of Telecommunications companies reaching out to TRAI to regulate Whatsapp and others is still hot and fresh, another set of surprise news has emerged.

The request of Telcos to provide “Level playing field” in telecom sector has clearly inspired the Motor manufacturing sector.

Mumbai local
These could have hired taxis

In an overnight turn of events, a committee of motor vehicle manufactures has been founded named as AIMVMWA (All India Motor Vehicle Manufactures Welfare Association). The AIMVMWA reportedly approached Ministry of Railways to regulate the usage of Mumbai Local Train by citizens.

A member of AIMVMWA who wished to remain anonymous was quoted saying “Mumbai Suburban Railway carries more than 7.5 million commuters daily. The passengers get to travel by purchasing cheap tickets in it. This has encouraged these millions of citizens to travel by train. This clearly makes the prospect of owing a four wheeler less attractive. And that is really hurting our revenues”.

The committee has urged the government to provide a “level playing field” by regulating the number of passengers per day to certain limit. “One more way in which government could help the revenue of AIMVMWA is by increasing the ticket fares by about 25 times and make it a ‘premium class only’. This could certainly encourage most of the commuters to go for the alternative of owning a car!” said R S Rao, a member of the newly found association.

“The AIMVMWA certainly has the right to voice their dissatisfaction. More the people buy cars more they need fuel. That is certainly good for business too” quipped Shashank Gupta, Assistant General Manager of a major fuel distribution company.

“We are happy that our initiative has inspired other downtrodden organization to wake up. The concept of providing the citizens with affordable amenities is really absurd. In a democratic and developing country like India, quality of service does not matter as long as you make profit by charging exuberant price. We extend our full support to AIMVMWA in its fight against common man”, explained the President of AIMVMWA.

Further, an unconfirmed source of news stated that, these two recent developments have also woken up India Post. It is rumored that India Post is preparing a petition against likes of Gmail and Yahoo for eating up the mailing business space. It is also likely to file a multibillion rupees law suit against Emailing service providers in the country.