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After TCS and Infosys quarterly results, employees quarter up

24, Jul 2014 By jugad07

Bangalore. Soon after the IT giants rolled out their quarterly result with huge profits and low allowances to their staffs the disappointed employees have increased their alcohol consumptions by a quarter (report).

A wave of cheer roared through the wine shop walas when they heard the news and offered meager discounts (0%) to the tech employees. They have to extend the working hours till midnight because of the growing demand from disappointed IT employees returning late at nights.

“This is common whenever these companies come out with their huge profits and pay less variable allowances there is a good demand and our usual customers buy extra one quarter,” One Wine wala told us.

Another person told us, “This is good repeat business for us. Its like festive season. Though some employees try to quit and save money and end up joining some gym or other thing but it does not last long and at the end of the month they come to us only.”

When we tried reaching to one IT employee a mail chain started and all of them tried to reach us. Twitter was flooded with comments like “time to say bye”, “luking for a new job”,”any Java requirements?? 3+ yrs of experience” all with # tag #0increment.

The facebook  recorded 10-15 less than a billion users stating that many have left FB for ‘time-pass’ and created accounts on linkedn to look like professionals and switch jobs.

When asked to the employers about this, who are having 20% attrition rate, they seemed baffled and said that, “It has nothing to do with attrition. They have been given 80% of what is already included in their salary and we are doing everything we can to increase our margin and pay employees better variable allowances.”