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After mobile internet, Idea now targets air, Idea Air Network launched

14, Jun 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: After running a large scale campaign depicting mobile internet as an “Idea Cellular invention”, the telecom company has gone ahead and staked claim to having invented a special kind of air as well.

Idea Internet Network
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A company spokesperson said that any air that had Idea mobile network waves traveling through it would now be called IAN or Idea Air Network.

“We firmly believe that just like IIN or Idea Internet Network, IAN or Idea Air Network would be much better for people,” the spokesperson said in a press conference, “IIN enables people to become far more educated than any IIM would. Similarly, IAN would help people to breathe much better than normal and be better human beings, in general.”

When asked how air with Idea airwaves was different from normal air, the spokesperson replied, “It’s all very technical, you will not understand. Also we have already spent several crores on the campaign already, so we’ll make sure people think it is true, even if it is not. You guys shouldn’t worry about that.”