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After forgetting to check-in on Facebook from Terminal 3 of IGI, man books another ticket just for FB check-in

31, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Facebook Checkin
Check-in is essential.

Delhi: An engineer working with a Gurgaon software firm booked another ticket on his company’s corporate credit card as he had reportedly forgotten to check-in to Terminal 3 of the IGI airport on Facebook.

“I had even kept a reminder on my smartphone for checking in,” Tadapit Kumar, the engineer in question, said in an interview with this reporter. “But all the damn airlines make you shut the phone off and I did not remember to switch it on after landing… so I could not remember to check in. However, I managed to get in touch with my friend in HR and have him fabricate another offshore training for me so that I could show off my T-3 check-in on Facebook to my friends and family.”

“This is important for me… I am sure my company would understand,” Tadapit added passionately. “No one in my family has seen the inside of T-3, having only travelled by those cheapo T-1 waalee airlines. So, of course, this was extremely important… I need to show off to everyone in my Facebook network that I have seen the inside of T3!”