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After failing to cook in 2 minutes, Man sues Maggi noodles

15, Jul 2014 By Siddharth Patki

Delhi: Country is witnessing the biggest lawsuit ever, as a furious man has filed complain against Maggi noodles (Nestle Corporation). In his complaint, the man has said that Maggi cannot be cooked in 2 minutes, as widely claimed by the company.

When Faking News interviewed Arjun, who sued Maggi, he said, “It can never be cooked in 2 minutes, I have tired absolutely everything. I tried cooking on gas, oven, tandoor, electronic heater, cooker etc. But no matter what I did, it was never ready in 2 minutes. I am supremely confident that I will win this case, because truth is by my side. Satyameve Vejethe Yoo!!”

It never takes two minutes!

When asked what took him so long to realize this, he said, “I recently got divorced; my wife used to cook and now that she is gone, I have to cook. Most of my money has gone to her as part of divorce settlement. And the only thing that I can afford now is Maggi, and as it’s easy to cook!”

“I tried my best for a month; tried night and day out, but it never got ready in 2 minutes. It took at least 8 minutes or 10 most of the times. This is cheating, is it not? This is the biggest lie told to humanity till date!” he added.

When this reporter asked Maggi CEO’s take on this, he said, “This is the dumbest lawsuit ever, as we never claimed that it will be READY TO EAT in 2 minutes. All we said was that ‘Maggy, 2 minutes noodle’. It’s just a name.”

“He is just taking out his divorce frustration on Maggi. He should really take lessons from Rahul Gandhi on how to keep calm, when things are a big mess,” the CEO said about Arjun.

CEO might not agree, but many people of India are on the side of Arjun, and they are saying that his cause is genuine and he must be supported.

“He is absolutely right! These big corporations always lie to poor people like us, and we never do anything. We will make sure that he wins this case and the name ‘Maggi, 2 minute noodle’ is changed to ‘Maggi, 8 min noodle’ at least,” said a cheerful supporter.