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After cell phones and novels, Flipkart to promote Uday Chopra, Tushar Kapoor movies

08, Aug 2014 By Swan

The electronic retail giants Flipkart and Amazon have taken their battle to next level. After the fight over who is the big show off (read raises capital), Flipkart is over ambitious about its next campaign.

Spokesperson for Flipkart has confirmed that the Bansal’s, after their reviving of almost Quikr-able ‘Used-less’ brands like Motorola, Asus and selling ideas of now would be popular term ‘Half Girlfriend’ would take upon herculean task of launching Uday Chopra and Tushar Kapoor Movies.

There are talks going around the town that, Uday Chopra and Tushar Kapoor have both approached Flipkart. They told the Bansals that although their Family produced films for them, the Marketing Agencies shooed them away. An owner of a marketing firm even went on to abuse Tushar Kapoor in his Golmaal Style by saying ‘Mayaaoooo’. As Tushar’s movies run into losses, Jeetendra is furious with him as he has little money left for bleaching his white suits.

While Uday Chopra ranted that after his role in Dhoom, he is waiting for next Dhoom to release as no other director casts him. One director had approached him on Aditya Chopra’s behest but it involved him to act as mute, Uday Chopra however knowing that it involved extreme acting skills smartly declined it saying that he does not want to take help of anyone and will prove himself.

After struggling in their career, they have finally found saviour in the Bansals. Tushar and Uday curtly had initially approached Flipkart for producing their films after hearing the news of 1bn$ capital raising by Flipkart. However Bansals as thorough professionals they are took advice from professionals like Prasoon Pandey if it is possible to promote Uday and Tushar movies.

Prasoon Pandey had replied saying that,” given a choice to market films between Uday and Tushar he would rather market Rahul Gandhi as a smart politician”. Bansals however did not let down their guests as they assured them that although they won’t be able to produce their films, they would still promote their films however bad it is.

Flipkart is soon to make an official announcement regarding the same.