Monday, 18th December, 2017

After buying items on big e-sale day, man to resell it next day outside the e-com site’s office

08, Oct 2014 By Baawra Chhora

Klippy Lal Bullockcartwala is possibly the happiest man on earth day today. He alone bought items worth of 300 crore on a much-hyped e-commerce sale. Although most items were priced “suitably”, he somehow managed to get good deal out of a few others.

Now Klippy is going to activate the second phase of his action plan as tomorrow starting 8 am, he puts up his thella outside the e-commerce website’s office to resell the stuff. “Cancel order with no reason, faulty products, useless customer care! Mein bahut pareshan tha , Mera koi bhi order success nahi hota tha . Mere aaspas bhi koi ladki nahi bhatakti thi. Mere sabhi dost mujhe e-loser, e-loser bulate the! , tabhi mujhe mila yeh – Huge-Trillion-day offer, toh maine socha kyun na iska fayda uthaya jaye ! ab tak yeh hume chu***a banate aaye hai, kyu na is baar mein inhe chu***a banau! So thanks to tatkal ticket booking practise I was well-prepared and bought half the stuff they had to offer. Now, I am the reason of all the wrath people have for them and I will sell their own stuff right under their nose,” says a delighted Flippy as he prepares his website thella for the big day.

When asked about how he is going to sale out so many items all alone, Klippy replied “No–No! I am not alone! You see there were a lot of people who took a day off for the sale just to get a fool made of themselves. While countrymen were getting killed on border, they were busy trending flopsale and Bigday on twitter. I don’t think they would mind getting fooled once again. Especially after I tell them they would be working against their “favourite” e-retailer, they won’t mind helping me out. Also, you should know,  we will be selling items on our thella so we won’t have a ‘Houston –problem’”.

While all the e-coms would be sleeping as a hangover of the D-day, Klippy plans to get rid of all items unnoticed, but he might be facing a tough day ahead as we are told from reliable sources that two guys named Sachin Tendulkar (not be confused with THAT one) and Roger Binny (again, not to be confused with THAT one) are planning to buy the stuff all at once, as the sale starts. We wish all the luck to all sellers around and ask our readers, “Brace yourselves! Sales are coming !”