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After ATMs, Banks to now charge for logging into one's account: RBI

12, Nov 2014 By theindianspiderman

Accessing you money now more difficult
Accessing you money now more difficult

After the recent “hole in the pocket” initiative by banks to charge for ATM usage, the master minds in RBI and Banks in India have come up with new ways of money making ideas and robbing the mango man of India. Talking to this reporter a manager from a top bank said ” Yes, first 5 logins to your bank account is free. After that every login attracts Rs.49.90″ .

As if that’s not all, he went on to rub salt on the wound by saying ” If you forget the password, its even profitable for the bank. As we now plan to charge you a “Password Recovery Fee” . First we recover Rs.24.9 from your account and then send password through speed post which you receive in 10 working days minimum. When asked “Is this not day light robbery?”, the manager retorted  “Do you think we are here for charity? First we take your money, then lend it to others for higher interest rate and pay you peanuts as interest for your money. This was the traditional banking as we knew. This is going to change in a big way.”

He also says, “RBI has a dedicated team ROL (Rip Off the Loosers) whose only task is to come up with more such blood sucking ideas”. When asked, “But doesn’t it make more people line up at your banks and increase the work load of your employees?” , this is what the manager had to say, “Visiting banks will cost you even more monetarily. The details of which will be revealed on “Thanks Giving Day”. The manager was not available to take up more questions as he had to rush to one of those ROL meeting for the day.

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