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AAP starts Dharna Services pvt. ltd.

01, Feb 2014 By sidddwivedi

After receiving huge appreciation on style and quality of Dharna , AAP has introduced a Dharna Service Pvt. Ltd a subsidiary company of AAP . This company will work independently and will be a revenue model of AAP. The company will be under direct supervision of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal
Dharna all night.

On asking about the company AK responds ‘ The kind of feedback we received on our Dharna from last few years , the party has decided to come up with a separate company to manage and organize Dharna’

With global economic crises and reduced corruption other political parties and different organizations to reduce operational cost are now planning to outsource there Dharna process to AAP.

On outsourcing Rahul Gandhi said ‘ Congress party has always encouraged cost cutting and I am highly impressed with there Dharna Style , it is good that they are now taking orders from other organization for performing Dharna’

While AAP has released a basic form for availing these services. The form looks like:

Name :

Place of Dharna :

Date and Tenure < Please specify the start date and number of days>

Celebrity required : Yes/No

AK Required : Yes/No

Media Required : Yes/No

Violent : Yes/No

(If Yes please specify after how many days Dharna should turn Violent)

Number of People:

*Terms and Conditions applicable –

If the Dharna has to be extended additional charges with tax applicable

AK presence is charged per hour , night charges extra

Dharna Service Pvt. Ltd have started receiving orders from major political parties and NGO’s . Next time when you see AK in a Dharna do notice the cap he wears it could be of BJP or Congress.