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AAP files case against Flipkart for selling costly headphones

09, Jan 2014 By Tarun Singh

With the confidence gained by winning in Delhi elections, AAP has also decided to fight Lok Sabha elections in 2014 . This has again started the round of asking for donation from people to help the party in fighting the elections.

But from Monday, wherever AAP volunteers are going,they are getting nothing but a reply,”We have nothing to give you. We have already sold our kidney of our head member.” Stunned by the reply,volunteers asked Prateegya Dhuper, one of the housewives whose husband has sold his kidney,the reason for selling the kidney of his husband.

What they received in response was another bomb,”My husband is very fond of listening to music. He can’t live without listening to music on headphones. Recently he saw Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones on Flipkart and at the moment, he sold his kidney because we had already gone bankrupt due to his love for music and related gadgets.He has already lost his job in MNC due to his habit of listening to Honey Singh and Eminem rap songs during worktime.”

Buyers Selling Kidneys for Buying the Headphones
Buyers Selling Kidneys for Buying the Headphones

Volunteers thought of it as conspiracy of other parties (as usual) to curb their donation campaign so they remain limited to Delhi. So they went to a middle-class household keeping in mind that probably they don’t know about Flipkart but again a bomb dropped on them. They met Shalu and asked her for donation. She grudged in anger ,”We don’t have the money to eat food and you are asking for donation.” Understanding the situation,they went to Pappu, Shalu’s 9 year child who was drinking water to fulfill his hunger and asked him the reason.He replied,”Because of my father’s love for headphones,I have been starving for food from 7 months and still have to wait for his salary till next month.I will eat water,drink water and if you want,I can also give you filtered organic water from my handpump.”

Starving Children and Housewives for the Headphones
Starving Children and Housewives for the Headphones

Unable to cope up with the rejections, volunteers went to Arvind Kejriwal and told him about the inability to get the donations and funds due to everybody selling their kidneys and saving money to buy the new headphones from Flipkart.

Kejriwal said,”I am fed up of jokes.Tell me about the collection.” All volunteers started looking at each other’s face and told him about the empty donation box.”

Kejriwal thought that before calling up CBI investigation,he must check himself as winning in Delhi was a joke too. He opened Flipkart and searched for Sennheiser HD 800 Headphone Reviews. His jaw basically dropped after seeing the price as well as reviews of buyers. He thought how much money has been spent on these headphones(more money in the future) which could be used for public welfare.

Kejriwal Checking His Laptop for Headphones Review  on Flipkart
Kejriwal Checking His Laptop for Headphones Review on Flipkart

Unable to do anything against the headphones manufacturer company based in Germany,he has filed a case against Flipkart for selling the costly headphones and looting the Aam Aadmi.

According to Faking News sources,in his filed case, Kejriwal has listed: “Flipkart is selling the easily available headphones,in Ghaffar Market for just Rs 1000 and in Chor Bazaar for Rs 500, for a whooping cost of Rs 84499 which in this case is black money.They are just using the company name since Germany is very near to Switzerland,the heaven for black money. This case should be immediately referred to CBI. I have been told by my sources that actual buyers are much higher than the reviewers as most buyers don’t want to come in the eyes of IT department. Flipkart is also purposely removing the “Certified Buyer” tag from their review to be on the safe side instead of deleting the review since they are busy in counting and sending the money.”

According to Faking News sources,AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal has threatened Flipkart founder of closing their offices and delivery channels  in Delhi.