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Aamir Khan to focus on Flipkart's Big Billion Sale in the next Satyameva Jayate episode

09, Oct 2014 By snidescribe

Mumbai. After dealing with social evils like rising prices of medicines, sexual discrimination and singlehandedly making India a better place, Aamir Khan is steering Satyameva Jayate into facing an evil that plagued millions last Monday.

It’s Flipkart Big Billion Sale. It was hyped with fancy marketing antics to be India’s equivalent of the western mega sales like Cyber Monday. What it turned out to be as per Bunty Sharma, an avid Flipkart shopper from Guragon was ‘Just a garden variety KLPD.’

Why, you ask? The site was accused of fluffing up prices before slashing them down. They even offered Steal Deals. Expensive gizmos going for as little as a Rupee. The glitch being most products went out of stock within seconds. This upset the nation. Multitudes of twentysomethings lined up outside psychologists’ clinics. There was a sudden spike in sale of anti-depressants too.

Always on the lookout for a good scoop, even Arnab Goswami was expected to ‘demand an answer’ on behalf of the nation from Flipkart. That’s when Aamir stepped up to the mantle. Ever the saviour of those in need, he’s going to pitch heads with Flipkart about their shady pricing practices. When asked for a comment he said, ‘I was excited about the sale myself. I even added Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend to my wish list. But when I logged on, I was shocked. There weren’t any great discounts and everything good was already sold out. That’s when I realized, ‘Itne saste daam…mumkin nahi hai.’ He said that this was the biggest mass betrayal Indians faced since the release of his movie Dhoom 3.

So he’s taken it upon himself to reveal the error in Flipkart’s ways. When asked what will the episode reveal, he smiles his perfectionist smile and tells us they will feature shoppers worst affected by this tragedy and even do a small segment on Flipkart First subscribers – a bunch of people who actually pay extra to get services that should be offered at no extra charges. He said while holding back tears, ‘Free shipping and one-day delivery are the most basic rights of the common man. To deny them is betrayal of the promise of Indian democracy.’

With that we concluded the interview. We assure you we will be watching the episode this Sunday and Flipkart will face a tough trial on Twitter – the highest court of law for the net savvy Indian.