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A little girl asks Infosys to give her dad a day off

23, Jun 2014 By iyerman

Following little Katie’s suit, who had written a letter to Google to get her father a day off on his birthday, 7 year old sweetie attempted the same. She wrote to Infosys for getting a day off for her father, whom she last saw in March.


Sweetie, from Chandigargh, wrote a letter to Infosys saying how she had forgotten her father’s face since she last saw it in March. Her dad had left her to the battlefront to implement a super-heavy critical project for one of the American retailers.

Sweetie wrote,

“Dear Infosys laborer,

Can you please make sugar sure when daddy goes to work, he gets a day off on Sunday. Because daddy hasn’t gotten a day off in the last 3 months.



Ps: I just want to make sure Daddy is alive

Pps: It’s only human, you know?

Infosys replied back to Sweetie with an offer letter to join them since they were hiring enthusiastic professionals (Like Vishal Si).