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100 Indians placed with Iraq based MNC ISIS

27, Aug 2014 By Kroor Singh

BAGHDAD: According to reports 100 Indians have been placed with an Iraq based MNC called ISIS. Exorbitant pay packages have been promised though offer letters say that the payment will only be ‘in kind’ and can only be enjoyed in a non-corporeal form. Successful candidates expressed their jubilation and stated that besides the package it was the job satisfaction and the challenging nature of the profile on offer which attracted them. “Frankly, I took it up only for the work experience. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and the skills and exposure that I will gain here will help me start something on my own once I am back,” gushed an excited recruit.

The profile offers an exciting multi-cultural work environment but with regular travel, hostile work conditions and a schedule which can only be described as ‘killing’. “Competition from ISIS is ‘cut-throat’, literally at times. You have to focus hard to keep your head. You hear people getting fired every day,” said an anxious employee of a rival firm on the conditions of anonymity. Meanwhile, the new batch of recruits have already left for a gruelling 3 months induction programme in the scenic environs of Pakistan’s Swat valley which will prepare them for the tough road ahead.

ISIS is the fastest growing organization in a sunrise industry that has made its presence felt all over the world. Recently, ISIS executives laid out an extremely ambitious 5 year roadmap which envisions rapid expansion in the APAC region. The company has been recruiting aggressively from all over the world though this is reportedly the first batch joining from India. “With our future plans in India, we can ignore Indian talent at our own peril,” a company spokesperson said.

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