Hyderabad. In a recent rage against all newly married people who upload their overly modified wedding pictures on Facebook, All India Single’s Association (AISA) has filed a public interest litigation to curb this heinous act.

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You can’t hurt singles now.

They have urged the judiciary system to take strong actions against serious offenders who are uploading these wedding pictures solely to make AISA members jealous. After seeing romantic pictures of their friends and family members getting married, a lot of members of AISA community have gone under depression and are facing neurological disorders. AISA members have been age old supporters of Congress party because during times of distress, it has always been Congress who has extended their ‘hand’ to members of AISA community.

Mr Sapil Kibal, who is the minister of communications and IT has also supported this brave move of AISA. ‘’The issue was not just the wedding pictures, it is actually like bacterial growth, these wedding pictures lead to honeymoon pictures and then subsequently to new born baby pictures’’, said one of the key member of AISA. They are determined to spend all their savings in order to make this act punishable under law.

In their defense, members of Recently Married Men (RMM) community claimed to be doing a complete legal act. It is their right to freedom to accumulate as many likes as possible which they had failed to achieve during their days of singlehood. On the condition of anonymity one RMM member told our Faking News reporter that, ‘After putting my wedding pictures, I have got more likes combined than I have received in past 5 years, I fail to understand what problem can someone have with this’

Surprisingly, even single girls have supported this PIL made by AISA. This is the first case in centuries when single girls have understood the pain of single guys and supported them, though media reports suggest that they don’t actually sympathize with AISA members but in reality they are facing a tough competition from members of RMM community in getting FB likes. FB Likes of Vella Community are now getting divided between single girls and married men. ‘’Now my selfies are getting only 500 likes’’, said Rosy Mathews, a dejected member of single girls. To put an end, for once and for all to this cannibalization of likes, single girls have decided to support the PIL filed by AISA

Experts claim that if this rule gets passed under the section of IPC 80085 then married men can face 1 month of ban from Facebook for first offence. From second offence onwards, their uploading rights will be taken away, their albums will be frozen and they will be subjected to punishment of reading all self-help related articles posted on FB.

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