Strongly defending the comments of V. Narayanasamy, Minister of State for PMO, a Congress spokesperson today said that in a parliamentary democracy power cannot be allowed to be consolidated in the hands of one person. “That would amount to dictatorship” the spokesperson told this FN reporter today. “What’s more, we will soon be bringing in amendments to make the offices of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner and the Chief Election Commissioner multi-member bodies as well” the spokesperson added.

Justifying the proposed measure, the spokesperson said that even the office of the Prime Minister of India was a multi-member body comprising three members one of whom made the decisions, one who echoed the decisions, and one who just stood there like as somebody said “a horse carrying a groom”. He then unfurled a huge poster showing a photo taken at the recent brainstorming session of Congress at Surajkund to prove his point.

When this reporter asked him if this was so why was Digvijay Singh then absent from the session, the spokesperson informed FN that it was as per the advice of Dr. Pinki Gandhi. Dr. Gandhi felt that during a brainstorming session the storm might dislodge the silicone implant he had put in Digvijay’s brain. The changes that this might result in Digvijay Singh are unpredictable and could change his archetypical behavioural pattern.

It might, for instance, cause him to speak sense, shut himself up altogether, or even join Arvind Kejriwal, Dr. Gandhi had said. Obviously, such events could not therefore be risked and Digvijay’s participation at the session had therefore been stopped at the express instructions of Sonia ji.

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