*The End*

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  1. ManMaun Singh says:

    All legal course will be pursued for mocking me.
    Sandeep You’ve been warned!!

  2. You have copied the (empty) mind of my favorite politician. Now being a true fan, I am going to SUE you for this crime.

  3. popat pandu says:

    This is racist!!!
    Why is the blank screen white??
    Ye fair and lovely ko promote karne ki scheme hai.
    I will sue you for this.

  4. I am hurt says:

    I will see you in court for hurting my religious sentiments by sporting white during this festive season! We are a secular country, this communal behavior will not be tolerated!

  5. hasa leko says:

    U have done wastage of space showing ur life is waste
    also wasted my time so will waste sueing you

  6. R.Sriram says:

    By writing “The End” you are suggesting the end of the world and you are supporting the Mayan Calendar which is against my religious belief.

    So please remove the word “The End” or face arrest 🙂

  7. Hindu says:

    Bhencho how the fuck the color is white and not saffron!

  8. Writing post script is offense under IT law 17865489765433 version 98754797664 please remove as it also hurts the sentiments of Barbarians Warriors as they used to fight everyone from front which is prescript. Also opening up comment option is also offense under IT law number 97554866876876876876 version 987987987987987 so please close the comment section. Also opening up website with faking news has offended Mamta Banergee so please close down your website as well. Also your reporter is mimicking animals which has hurt feelings of Maneka Gandhi Ji so get ready to face consequent. I don’t have time otherwise I would have compiled more but you can always approach Mr. Digvijaya Singh Ji for complete analysis going till your ancestors as well.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Kindly remove my comment as I don’t want people to after me.

  9. John says:

    I know someone who knows somebody related to a person who is mute. I find this offensive.

  10. Rohit says:

    When people are dying to get even 1 MB free space on servers/memory cards, you are here wasting scarce resource by posting blank pages. I am going to sue u under Environment Act

  11. will never write my name again says:

    I have a problem with the article but I can’t post it because I might hurt author’s religious belief and can get arrested for it.

  12. SK says:

    I know You have something in your mind but We know what it is.. .. , so you will be held accountable for this serious offence and you will be arrested.

  13. AM says:

    I did not get it. This is discrimination against stupidity. I hereby take serious offence. Please arrest the author of the post.

  14. Akshay Kanitkar says:

    My Name is Manmohan Singh & I’m Feeling Offended

  15. Namrata says:

    The page is all white, hence the article is really racist in nature and has deeply hurt my sentiments (considering the fact that I am a brown). Therefore I demand a public apology from the faking news. :p

  16. Rohit says:

    Inspite of being an OBC / Minority / Secular / Majority my message was not shown at the top of the comments page. I demand my comment to be placed at the top of I will pelt stones at ur office, house, temple, mosque, gurudwara, church…

  17. Goddamn! You Stole my Article!
    I will sue you under Intellectual Property Rights!
    Save your axe!!

  18. sameer says:

    All these comments are from Pagal Patrakar. He is using the name and email addresses from its database. I demand an inquiry into this.

  19. Green says:

    I was waiting to get offended.
    Your article has hurt me deeply.
    Now I shall/can vandalize.

  20. Gen Z says:

    By providing a template like this you had given way to a new generation of writers who might copy your detailed article.. For the sake of future copy writers i warn you to remove this article..

  21. balls takrey says:

    it is really sad that the nation is mocking the death of a great leader.

  22. masood sofi says:

    There is no reference of Minority,SC/ST’s and LGBT they should also have a share in that blank space.This is discrimination in the worst form.I demand Public apology from Faking news.

  23. Abhinav says:

    Its a direct attack on the democracy of this great country…

  24. Manish says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

    Hats off!!

  25. I really like looking through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!