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Introducing the best citizen journalism website of India – MY FAKING NEWS – where you can get your articles published without having to wait for a slow (apart from fake and choosy) editorial team of mainstream Faking News to reply and edit your submissions.

Faking News receives many submissions (some are really good) but many of them don’t get published on the mainstream Faking News due to our stupid policies; so we decided to enable user generated content. Faking News 2.0 is here!

Please don’t use this opportunity to post SMS jokes, advertisement of your blog, or any other topics of self-interest. The articles contributed to My Faking News will be moderated for spam and irrelevant content.

In order to contribute, you’d need to register with a valid e-mail address. Register on Faking News Network by clicking here.

Style-sheet and suggestions for articles contributed to My Faking News:

  1. Use a catchy headline (between 5 to 15 words).
  2. Your news report should be between 100 to 1500 words.
  3. Use proper capitalization, don’t have just one paragraph or too many, and follow basic English grammar in the main report.
  4. Familiarize yourself with WordPress publishing. This will help you format your reports better.
  5. Use only one “Category” (as defined in WordPress) that you think is primary; you can use “Tags” (not too many!) for indicating more topics that your submission refers to.
  6. You can save your contribution by clicking “Save Draft” and finish it later. Once you have finished your article, double-check it for any errors or omissions, and then click “Submit for Review”. Drafts older than a week will be deleted.
  7. You will need to embed HTML codes for using images or videos in your reports. Experience in using WordPress will prove to be really handy here as you can use the caption shortcode in the HTML tab of the post editor and get a nicely formatted post.
  8. Don’t write your full report or headline in all CAPS. It may lead to you being banned for spam.
  9. You can use web-links (open in new window) to refer to some event/news that you are trying to satirize. Don’t use them to point to your blog saying “rest of the awesome report here” or to offer free Viagra to anyone. This too can lead you for being banned for spam.
  10. You can mention your blog/Twitter/Facebook link in your profile, or even at the end of the report. But don’t write partial reports and ask people to go to your blog to read the rest of it.
  11. Be funny, but try to make a point. You are encouraged to write spoof/satire on topics/events that are relevant/known to the larger society, or at least to your social network!
  12. Or leave it, just try to be funny and original. Don’t copy-paste others’ work. This will surely get you banned.
  13. Don’t use cuss words for the heck of it, but you can use them occasionally to show frustration/anger of an aam aadmi.
  14. Friendly banter is alright, but don’t write entirely defamatory or derogatory things about someone (be your friends or public figures), even though you want to show/release your frustration/anger.
  15. Articles contributed by you won’t get published immediately. They will be manually approved after checking for spam and relevant content. Please write to with details if your article is not published even after 48 hours.

Please note that the articles published on “My Faking News” could be republished on the mainstream Faking News website (with possible editorial modifications, approval for which will be sought from the respective writers, who will retain full credits for the article) if it is deemed suitable to do so.

While we will run basic quality check on all the submitted articles, there may be instances of our incompetence. If you spot any copyright violation or any other serious lapses in any article published on My Faking News, please alert us by sending a mail to with details.